How to protect your above ground pool from collapse due to the weight of ice and snow (which is not covered under the Homeowners Policy).

Particularly snowy winters can wreak havoc on above ground pools, which are designed to withstand the weight of water in the summer but are more vulnerable to the pressure of heavy snow and ice in the winter. Also, melting snow in the spring can turn to ice and expand, potentially damaging the pool, especially the cover.

It’s therefore essential to keep a close eye on your above ground pool and regularly clear the snow off its cover so it’s never entirely buried under the snow.

It’s important to clear off your pool before it collapses under the weight of snow. The following tips will spare your pool a lot of punishment and allow it to make it to spring in one piece!

  1. Stay outside the pool when removing snow. If you try to work from inside the pool, the snow or ice could give way under your weight. This may damage the pool cover—and result in you being injured.
  2. Careful with the pool rim. Use a plastic shovel so as not to scratch the edges of the pool. Also avoid walking on the coping to clear snow from the rim of the pool as this could weaken or crush the pool structure.
  3. Don’t forget the skimmer drain. You should remove snow from inside and on top of the drain to keep it from cracking.
  4. Hire a professional, if you need to. By calling on a pool professional, you’ll be sure the work is done right and safely—both for your sake and your pool!