Although most Massachusetts residents with health insurance receive coverage through their employer’s group health plan, this option isn’t feasible for everyone. If you are self-employed or work for an employer that does not offer health benefits or if your plan does not provide coverage for your spouse and children, an individual health insurance plan is a good alternative. O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency works with the most trusted carriers in the industry and can help you find an affordable Massachusetts health insurance policy with the coverage you need.

Massachusetts health care reform law requires all residents to carry health insurance coverage or face stiff tax penalties. Fortunately, the law has also facilitated consumer choices for individual health insurance plans. Individual health insurance customers will find more varied plan options, as well as tighter regulations to protect consumers, such as making it easier for those with pre-existing medical conditions to join a health plan.

Still, the options can be overwhelming and an O’Connor & Co. Insurance professional can help you navigate them to find the Massachusetts health insurance plan that’s right for you. Whether you’re young, healthy, and looking for a high deductible plan with low monthly premiums or a busy parent who needs a comprehensive plan to keep your family healthy and protected, we can compare plans to find the best available rates and features.

Take steps to protect your family’s health and well-being. Speak with an O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent in our Dudley, MA offices today to start saving money on a Massachusetts health insurance plan. Employees value their salaries but also their benefits. Help your small business attract and retain the highest caliber of employees by offering them a Massachusetts group health insurance plan through O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency.