Business Umbrella

Every Massachusetts business owner should make sure that they have adequate commercial umbrella insurance coverage. While most small business insurance provides some liability coverage, even one serious mistake, accident or lawsuit could easily exhaust your standard liability insurance limits.

A commercial umbrella insurance policy with O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency can provide your small business with an additional safety net for these situations. For a reasonable premium cost, business umbrella insurance can offer liability coverage well beyond standard liability insurance limits. A typical umbrella policy can help cover another party’s bodily injury or property damage expenses, as well as medical costs, if your business is found negligent. Your policy can also pay for legal fees and expenses if you are involved in a lawsuit as a result.

Business umbrella insurance is not just for companies involved in hazardous activities. In today’s litigious society, where lawsuits can result in enormous settlements, any business can find itself involved in a liability case as a result of an error, accident or product defect.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to a catastrophic event. Speak with an O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent about your small business’ size, assets and number of employees to develop a customized Massachusetts business umbrella insurance policy appropriate for your needs.