Employment Practices Liability

Any employer faces the possibility of an employment practices lawsuit. Even if you are found not liable, defense costs can be substantial. If you have employees, a Massachusetts employment practices liability policy with O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency can help minimize this financial risk to your business.

Employment practices liability insurance helps pay for legal costs and fees if your company is the object of certain employment practices claims by a current, former or potential employee. Covered claims can include:

  • Sexual or other harassment.
  • Wrongful termination or discipline.
  • Discrimination based on age, gender, race, or disability.
  • Failure to hire or promote.
  • Privacy invasion or defamation.

Massachusetts employment practices liability coverage can be incorporated into a business insurance policy, a directors & officers (D&O) liability policy, or an umbrella liability policy. Establishing a stand-alone employment practices liability policy, though, may allow for lower deductibles or separate limits from other coverage’s. An O’Connor & Co. Insurance professional can assess your company’s risks and needs to create an appropriate policy.

Of course, your company should practice proper risk management strategies, including diversity and sensitivity training for your employees and management. Still, don’t let a disgruntled employee or miscommunication pose a risk to your business.

Speak with an O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent in our Dudley, MA offices to create an affordable and comprehensive Massachusetts employment practices liability policy for your business.