Antique Car

If you own a classic Chevy, an antique roadster, or some other collectible vehicle, standard auto insurance may not be enough to protect your investment. A Massachusetts classic car insurance policy from O’Connor & Co. Insurance will give your precious vehicle the coverage you need at an affordable price.

Unlike other vehicles, collector cars often appreciate in value with age. A standard auto insurance policy may pay you a depreciated value in the event of an accident.Collector car insurance is specially designed to cover the true costs of your classic vehicle and can pay an agreed value for damages which is negotiated when you purchase your policy.

Classic car insurance premiums may even cost less than for standard auto insurance. To keep costs down, though, collector car insurance generally mandates certain restrictions, such as:

  • Mileage restrictions. The vehicle may only be driven a few thousand miles annually.
  • Driver age restrictions. Most policies require drivers to be at least 25 years old with a certain number of years of clean driving record.
  • Garage restrictions. Some policies require the vehicle to be housed in a secure garage when not in use.
  • Usage restrictions. The vehicle may not be used for daily commuting, business purposes or general transport.

Whether you take your classic car for Sunday drives, exhibit it in car shows, or just admire it in your garage, O’Connor & Co. can tailor a classic car insurance policy that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Speak with one of our agents in our Dudley, MA offices to create a Massachusetts collectors car insurance policy that protects your prized possession.