Veterinary Insurance

As a veterinarian, you have huge responsibilities.  Whether your customers bring you pets they treat like family or livestock critical to their livelihood, they trust you to provide the best care for their animals.  With veterinary office insurance from O’Connor Insurance Agency, though, you can minimize worries about your business operations and be free to focus on caring for your patients.

Most veterinary offices have some version of a Business Owners Policy (BOP), consisting of three main features:

  • General liability – If someone is injured in connection to your practice or suffers damage to their personal property, this helps cover legal fees and settlement costs. This is an essential feature if you have visitors and deliveries to your office, or if you travel for house calls or site visits.
  • Commercial property – This covers your veterinary office’s physical property, from the building itself down to furniture, tools and veterinary equipment. Standard policies protect you in the event of fire, weather damage, theft and other mishaps.
  • Business income loss – In the event of a covered peril, this helps float you for payroll and other expenses while waiting for building repairs, equipment replacement and other delays.

Your veterinary office insurance BOP can be amended to meet your specific needs.  Whether you travel for work, focus on horses only, or specialize in small animals, our agents can tailor your policy to best fit your situation.

Make sure that your veterinary practice has the best coverage available.  If you are in Massachusetts or Connecticut, contact O’Connor Insurance today to find out more about a comprehensive veterinary insurance policy for your business.