How to safely discard prescription drugs.


There are many reasons why leftover Medications end up remaining in our possession longer than they should. Any good home safety program should include the proper disposal of these potentially dangerous substances on a regular basis. Every household should plan a time and method to throw away expired and unnecessary prescriptions. O’Connor Insurance in Dudley MA wants to help keep you and your family safe.

Prevent children or other individuals from Accidentally ingesting these substances by following the suggestions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When you purchased your medicine the Pharmacy provided you an information drug sheet that outlines methods for proper and safe disposal of the prescription.

The drug sheet includes information on appropriate disposal methods. Some medications, such as powerful narcotic pain relievers and other controlled substances can create harmful side effects including Accidental death. These substances, the FDA recommends flushing down the toilet or sink drain as the method that presents the least immediate risk to the safety of adults, children and pets. Do not flush other type of medication into a sewer or septic system. Trace amounts of drug residues have been found in groundwater, lakes and streams so this type of disposal should be reserved only for the most dangerous drugs. There are concerns that the regular flushing of medication could contaminate the environment and drinking water supply.

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have developed a medicine take-back program. This national, annual event provides medication drop boxes in many communities. If you do not want to wait for the next date, there are other ways to regularly dispose of unused prescriptions in your household trash.

Liquid, tablet and capsule forms of medication should be mixed with an unpalatable, absorbable substance such as coffee grounds or kitty litter. A zip closure plastic bag keeps the contents from leaking out. This mixture should be placed in a container that will be difficult for a child to access. Place this into your household trash. All emptied prescription vials or bottles should have the label removed or identifying information rendered unreadable. This is a short term solution, plan to participate in future medicine take-back programs so you do not have to dispose leftover prescriptions this way however.