Bar Insurance

Managing a bar in Massachusetts or Connecticut is an inherently risky venture.  Along with the potential for injured patrons and property damage that most business face, you could be held liable if an intoxicated customer causes damage or injuries after being served by you.

Luckily, O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. understands the risks and challenges bar owners face in Massachusetts and Connecticut and offers a comprehensive bar insurance policy to keep you covered. Since bar owners encounter a unique set of risks and liabilities, our packages offer a combination of features for the small business owner and bar proprietor, including:

  • Business Owners Policy – A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a standard package for small business owners and usually includes property coverage for your place of business; liability coverage for injuries or property damage sustained on your premises; and business interruption insurance to cover expenses when your operation is disturbed by fire, natural disaster, or other named perils.
  • Workers Compensation –  As mandated by state laws for employees of your business.
  • Liquor liability insurance – Massachusetts and many other states require businesses selling alcohol to purchase liquor liability insurance.  While a BOP will protect your business against normal liability risks, liquor liability insurance will help pay for costs if an intoxicated patron causes damages or injuries after being served by you.
  • Umbrella insurance – Along with liquor liability insurance, umbrella coverage provides an extra level of liability protection if you are faced with a large payment for damages or a court settlement against you.

Liquor laws in Massachusetts and Connecticut can be complex, but our bar insurance experts can steer you to an affordable and comprehensive plan.  Contact O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. today to find out more about creating a bar insurance policy for your business.