Many Massachusetts homeowners assume that flood damage only happens to those located along the coast or other waterways. In fact, areas with moderate or low risk of flooding produce one fifth of all flood damage claims. Don’t leave your home at risk for flood damage. A Massachusetts flood insurance policy with O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency can help bail you out if your property is damaged by flooding.

Flood damage is NOT covered by standard property insurance policies. Most cities and towns participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a federally managed program which assesses flood risk throughout the nation and offers flood insurance policies. An O’Connor & Co. agent can help you purchase an appropriate NFIP policy for your home or other property.

Massachusetts flood insurance can be purchased for a surprisingly low premium; rates starting as low as $129 per year can provide comprehensive coverage. Even if you do not own a home, renters and condo residents can purchase contents-only flood damage coverage to protect their belongings. Homeowners should note that NFIP coverage does not apply to drain issues, sewer backups and other types of water damage, so be sure that you are covered for these events under other policies.

An O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent can help you navigate the options to provide maximum coverage. New flood insurance policies have a thirty day waiting period, so speak with an agent in our Dudley, MA office today to ensure that you have the best Massachusetts flood insurance policy for your home.