Realtor Errors and Omission

Keep your business competitive by speaking with an O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent in our Dudley, MA offices. We can analyze your company’s risks to create the most affordable and comprehensive Massachusetts directors & officers liability insurance policy for your organization’s needs.Working as a professional realtor leaves you open to claims of negligence by clients. A Massachusetts realtor errors & omissions insurance policy from O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency can help protect you or your realty company from these costly lawsuits.

Realtor errors & omissions (E&O) insurance – a special type of professional liability insurance – helps protect against the full cost of contesting a claim alleging negligence through your professional actions or failure to act. A general business liability policy can only protect against claims of direct bodily injury or property damage, but realtor E&O insurance can help in the event of professional mistakes, omissions, or misunderstandings arising from your normal professional activities.

Real estate firms and independent real estate agents should have adequate E&O coverage, as mistakes or miscommunications can easily occur during complex real estate transactions. Realtor E&O coverage can also help if a customer attempts to blame a realtor for an unsatisfying home sale; a buyer could allege that flaws in a property were not disclosed, for instance, while a seller could claim that the sale price was too low.

Even groundless lawsuits must be defended against and the legal costs can be considerable; successful negligence claim awards can cost even more. Don’t leave your professional practice and personal assets open to these risks. Speak with an O’Connor & Co. Insurance professional in our Dudley, MA offices to develop a Massachusetts realtor errors & omissions insurance policy that minimizes your risks.