How to Protect Yourself from Uninsured and Under-insured Motorists

This might be the scariest number you see today. According to the Insurance Research Council, ONE out of SEVEN drivers on the road in the United States has no insurance coverage at all. Others who might be carrying insurance are still allowed to carry limits so low that they wouldn’t come close to compensating you or your passengers should there be serious bodily physical harm.

For drivers who are legally insured, this is a truly frightening statistic. When you consider how expensive the fallout from a car accidents can be, taking into account everything: medical, property damage, vehicle damage, time lost from work, final expenses…etc, these costs quickly escalate into amounts even above average earners could never afford out-of-pocket.

What are the options available to protect yourself from uninsured or under insured drivers?

Keep reading, please.

The Problem With Insurance Requirements…

We need to confront reality before it confronts us. Let’s face it. There will always be drivers who will decide not to maintain insurance coverage at all. If you have an accident with one of these folks, and there is bodily injury, then Uninsured and Under insured motorist insurance is the best way to protect you and your passengers financial security.  Even if you have excellent health insurance those kind of policies are not designed to compensate you for all that you may lose.  While most states require proof of insurance in order to register a car, there are too many ways around this law for you to depend solely on THE LAW to protect you.  You need to protect yourself. In order to do this, insurers offer optional limits for uninsured and under insured motorist coverage. Beyond being just a good idea, these optional higher limits should be part of your required auto insurance protection package.

What if you are involved in an accident with a driver who is legally covered but the amount of coverage they carry falls below the cost of the damages they cause? That’s a real problem, unless you’ve taken the proactive step of insuring yourself against Under-insuredmotorists. If you have not, the likely source for covering these additional costs may very well be YOU.

The Bottom Line

It’s unfortunate that we have so many people who choose not to take financial responsibility for their negligent actions on the roads.  This is the sad reality of life today but that does not mean you have to go unprotected. You CAN and should protect yourself by making sure you have adequate Uninsured and Underinsured limits on your auto insurance policy.   Discuss this very important coverage question with an experienced agent, like those at O’Connor & Co Insurance Agency. On-Line or on the phone we are always available for a one on one conversation.


Why a Contractor Needs Business Insurance

If you are a contractor unexpected problems could destroy your profitability. Contractor insurance is an important part of the puzzle you won’t want to ignore.

Some people feel that they don’t need insurance and never buy it. That mistake can cost them everything. Having contractor insurance will safeguard your business and protect you from the unthinkable. Putting your worries to rest. You can have confidence while you work, knowing you are in good hands.

Cover Liabilities

At work, you always put in your best effort, so that you can provide your customers with impressive results. However, you can’t control everything. Before you know it, problems can arise. Damaging a client’s property by accident can cost you a lot of money. If you make a mistake that causes someone to get injured, you will have an even bigger problem. Getting general liability insurance will work wonders when your goal is to avoid unexpected expenses. The insurance will cover most liability issues you will encounter, setting your mind at ease.

Protect Employees

In order to help get jobs done before the deadlines expire, many contractors hire teams to work under them. Having workers’ compensation will protect you from being sued if someone injured on the job. Opting for coverage, can prevent you from facing lawsuits and other legal actions involving injured employees. Never let anyone work for you, until you have the right workers’ compensation policy that fits your situation and needs.

Get More Business

A lot of prospective clients will look into your background before they feel comfortable hiring you. If they discover that you don’t have enough insurance to cover liability issues, or protect your team, they will probably go elsewhere, causing you to leave money on the table. Trouble finding work is what you will get if you don’t have adequate coverage. You must avoid that trap at all costs. When you get the correct insurance plan for your business, your customers will know that you care about them and their property, compelling them to hire you.

Final Thoughts

Having general liability insurance and other coverage plans is important if you want to thrive over the long run. In addition to protecting you from lawsuits and the unthinkable, the right policy will also attract customers and help you get even more business. Buying an adequate insurance plan is a great way to manage problems, and address concerns before they spiral out of control. You won’t need to pay much out of your pocket, either. When you consider the long-term impact of each choice, you can see that opting for insurance is a wise move.