Getting the proper insurance for your jewelry can give you peace of mind.

With Valentine’s Day just passing this might be the perfect time to make sure all your valuable jewelry items are properly insured. If you have a lot of jewelry or just a small amount, jewelry is valuable and it is wise to make sure it is properly insured on your condo, home or renter policy.

How to go about getting your jewelry insured?

  • You usually need to an appraisal that provides a detailed description and value.

Also keep in mind, because of the rising prices of gold over the last few years, your jewelry also probably increased in value, so you will want to get a new appraisal for your jewelry as well.

My mother in-law recently found some old jewelry with broken connections, and were in need of repair, so she brought to a place that buys jewelry and was amazed at how much money they offered her for here jewelry, and this was jewelry that had been sitting around collecting dust.

It is good practice to get a re-appraisal of your jewelry every five years or so, however if the commodity price fluctuate, as they generally do, weather prices increase or decrease, you might need to appraisals to make sure you coverage is sufficient. So if you recently have got your jewelry appraised in the last couple of years, if not, there is no better time than now to re-appraise your jewelry. Once you do that, come to O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc to make sure you have the proper coverage.

Keep in mind. This applies not only to jewelry but any high value items you may own, such as antiques, electronics, instruments, sports equipment, furs, fine art, stamp and coin collections, etc…