Auto Garage

Repair or replacement costs for a damaged automobile can be quite expensive. If you run an auto repair garage, car dealership or body shop in Massachusetts, it is important to have adequate insurance coverage for vehicles in your care. A Massachusetts garage liability policy from O’Connor & Co. Insurance can provide the coverage you need.

Garage liability insurance can be tailored to fit your specific situation, whether you repair cars or only store them on site. Typical features and options include:

  • General garage liability will help pay for bodily injury or personal property damage suffered by another party on your premises or as a result of your activities. Medical expenses and legal fees can be included in this coverage.
  • Garage keepers liability coverage can provide collision and comprehensive coverage for vehicles under your care. This can include events such as a repair mishap in your shop, vandalism or fire on your car lot, or a traffic accident during a test drive.

The level and style of garage liability coverage you require will depend on factors such as the number of cars you work with, whether you handle expensive luxury vehicles, and the type of automotive work you perform. Be sure to include other standard business insurance necessities, such as commercial property insurance and workers compensation coverage.

Speak with an O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent to develop an affordable Massachusetts garage liability insurance policy that meets your specific needs.