Personal Disability

Everyone insures their home and their car, but what about their livelihood? Massachusetts disability insurance can help you pay your living expenses if you are injured or fall ill and are unable to work. O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency can develop a long or short term Massachusetts disability insurance policy to prevent catastrophe if you become unable to earn an income.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only a handful of states (with Massachusetts not included) require employers to provide short term disability insurance for their employees; long term disability insurance is not mandated in any state. It is important to make sure that you have adequate individual disability protection. Even if your employer does offer disability benefits or if you are eligible for federal Social Security disability benefits, these may not be enough to cover all of your housing, car payments and other expenses if you fall ill.

Disability insurance policies typically pay as much as 70% of your pre-injury income, so it is wise to adjust your policy periodically to reflect any salary increases. Short term disability coverage can help make ends meet for up to several months while long term disability policies vary in length. A combination of long and short term policies will give you the most comprehensive coverage.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a sudden loss of income. Speak to an O’Connor & Co. Insurance agent in our Dudley, MA office to create an affordable Massachusetts disability insurance policy that will protect your lifestyle.