Wedding Insurance

The rental space.  The flowers. The menu.  The DJ. You have enough to worry about when you’re planning a big wedding, so don’t let an unexpected problem ruin your special day.  

Reduce your wedding day anxieties with wedding insurance from O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc.  With a custom policy from our event insurance experts, you’ll be covered and prepared for the most common mishaps that could happen that day.

Wedding insurance policies in Massachusetts and Connecticut typically provide coverage in two main areas:  liability insurance and postponement/cancellation insurance.

  • Liability insurance – Although venues that regularly host weddings usually carry their own liability coverage, you would be wise to purchase your own if you use a less traditional locale, such as a public park or destination wedding.  This will cover costs if a guest is injured or suffers property damage at your event. For additional protection, consider adding liquor liability coverage if your reception will be serving alcohol.
  • Postponement/cancellation insurance – This category provides a host of reimbursement benefits if an unforeseen issue forces cancellation or postponement of all or part of your event.  So, if your caterer, photographer, DJ or other vendor suddenly becomes unavailable, you can access funds to find a last-minute replacement. Likewise, if the bride or groom has to postpone due to illness, emergency, or military deployment, your policy can help with costs for rescheduling.  (Note that policies typically do not cover cancellation resulting from the couple changing their mind.)

Of course, your unique event deserves a unique policy for proper protection.  For more information, contact O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. today to find out about crafting a custom wedding insurance policy for your big day.