Connecticut Home Insurance

Your Connecticut home is so much more than just shelter or an investment. Housing your family, your treasured keepsakes and your everyday belongings, your home is a special place. Take the time to understand the intricacies of homeowners insurance and ensure that your home is fully protected by speaking with the experts at O’Connor & Co. Insurance.

Typical Connecticut homeowners insurance policies contain several features, including:

  • Personal Liability Protection to help with legal costs if someone is injured or suffers property damage in your home or yard.
  • Dwelling coverage to repair or replace structures damaged by fire, storms or other mishaps.
  • Contents and Personal Property coverage to help replace or reimburse for your personal belongings in the event of fire or theft.

These features are just the beginning, though. An O’Connor & Co. agent can walk you through the options to tailor a policy customized to your needs. Whether you need additional coverage for an extensive jewelry collection, fine art, or a home workshop, supplemental clauses are available to ensure the fullest coverage for your unique situation.

Remember that homeowners insurance is not limited to those who own a single-family house. If you live in a condominium in Pomfret or rent out an apartment in Woodstock, O’Connor & Co. can provide you with insurance appropriate for your property and circumstances.

It is also important to be aware of the limits of homeowners insurance. For instance, because flood damage is not covered by standard homeowners policies, separate flood insurance is always recommended. Similarly, if you live in a coastal or storm-prone area, consider amendments that more thoroughly cover damage from hurricanes and other storms.

From our Blackstone Valley location, O’Connor & Co. Insurance is proud to serve homeowners in Putnam, Thompson and towns throughout Connecticut. Speak with one of our specialists today for a free consultation about your Connecticut homeowners insurance needs.