The importance for property owners to hire only insured contractors.


Hiring only insured contractors can provide a safeguard for your business. The Property that you own can face significant liability if a contractor does not complete the work both properly and appropriately or if he is injured while on the job. O’Connor & Co. provides Property Owners’ insurance as well as Contractors Liability insurance to clients throughout Central Massachusetts.

All contractors that you hire should be licensed as well as insured. A contractor who is licensed must often pass a background check, possess a specific amount of experience, and pass a business management exam. Most contractors will not receive a license if they have outstanding legal complaints that have not been resolved.

Although unlicensed contractors often offer to work at decreased pricing your savings come at your own expense! The reason is that these savings are due to their lack of insurance and employee benefits such as Workers Compensation. Hiring unlicensed or uninsured contractors can be painfully problematic and costly. For example, you may not have recourse against these contractors if there is an ordinance that is neglected or improperly adhered to. A court may even consider your contract null and void in any action you may need to take against an unlicensed contractor. The court may refuse to provide you with relief or recourse against the contractor based upon your own willing participation in certain situations. With a licensed contractor, you have the right to make a complaint against his license. This option provides you with a way to respond if the work that is done is below an objective standard of quality workmanship or below the building codes in your area. You may also be able to receive compensation from a recovery fund in order to have the work corrected or in order to hire a different contractor to complete the work.

A contractor’s failure to comply with Workers Compensation requirements or other legal responsibilities, while working on your property, can have devastating implications for you as a property owner. Remember, ignorance of the law is not a viable legal defense and it is always the property owners responsibility to verify that the people hired are working within the law.

O’Connor & Co. can provide you with property owners’ insurance as well as other valuable advice on how to protect your most treasured assets. Hiring properly insured and licensed contractors is only one of the valuable pieces of advice that we offers.