Comprehensive Auto Coverage

Collision coverage will pay for repairs caused by a car accident. But what about all the other mishaps that can happen, from vehicle theft to paint scratches? That’s where comprehensive auto coverage from O’Connor Insurance Agency will have your back.

Both Massachusetts and Connecticut law mandate liability coverage for all vehicles, for injuries and physical damage to other parties. Most drivers opt for additional comprehensive and collision insurance, which act in tandem to cover damage to your own vehicle.

Unless you are in a car accident, comprehensive auto coverage is for all other hazards you may encounter, such as fire, theft, natural disasters, or just hitting a deer. Keep in mind that comprehensive policies generally do not cover items inside the car, such as a stolen purse. Also, check with an O’Connor Insurance agent to see if any aftermarket electronics installed in the car require a separate endorsement.

As with all car insurance policies, plans are available for a variety of budgets and needs. If you are financing or leasing a vehicle, your lender will likely have firm requirements for comprehensive auto coverage. Otherwise, O’Connor Insurance Agency can help you select the right deductible level if your car is paid off.

Don’t leave your vehicle at risk. Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency to find out about designing a comprehensive auto policy for your Massachusetts or Connecticut vehicle today.