Accident Forgiveness

We all know that getting in a car accident can lead to auto insurance rate hikes. With an accident forgiveness policy from O’Connor Insurance Agency, though, you don’t need to worry about one little fender-bender in Massachusetts or Connecticut raising your auto insurance premiums.

Accident forgiveness works by preventing an increase in your premiums after a single accident, regardless of whether you were at fault. This generally applies one time, after which you need to remain accident free for a certain number of years to reinstate the policy.

Keep in mind that the accident is not erased from your record; your current insurer agrees to waive any increase in premiums but a future insurer could take the accident into account when calculating new auto insurance rates.

Also, it is important to read your policy carefully: Some accident forgiveness policies begin immediately, some require a clean driving record for a few years. Or, your policy may cover a single accident or multiple cases. If you are in doubt, an agent at O’Connor Insurance can help you negotiate the options.

Many drivers combine this policy with minor violation forgiveness for a greater buffer against premium increases. Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to find out how you can add the benefits of accident forgiveness to your auto insurance package.