Diminishing/Vanishing Deductible

Do you consider yourself a responsible driver? If so, let those good driving habits pay off with a vanishing deductible program from O’Connor Insurance Agency.

Here’s how a vanishing deductible policy works: Take a look at the current deductible amount for your auto insurance policy. Then, reduce that deductible by a certain amount after each year of safe driving. It’s that easy.

A vanishing deductible (also known as a diminishing deductible) is a great optional feature to consider for your auto insurance policy. Many diminishing deductible plans reduce your deductible on Day 1, so you can start enjoying that peace of mind immediately. With each successive year of safe driving, though, you can watch your vanishing deductible, well, vanish! One of our agents at O’Connor Insurance can help you find the diminishing deductible plan that works best with your current car insurance policy.

Start putting those safe driving habits to good use. Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency to speak with one of our agents about setting up your own vanishing deductible program today.