Scheduled Property Insurance

If you own collectible, rare or expensive items in Massachusetts or Connecticut, your homeowners insurance may not offer sufficient protection.  With scheduled property insurance from O’Connor Insurance Agency, though, you can enjoy full coverage for your cherished possessions.

The personal property clause in a homeowners insurance policy typically only covers damage or theft up to a certain amount and often includes a per-item limit.  In comparison, scheduled property protection can be arranged for higher limits and tailored to individual items to cover true repair or replacement costs.

Consider adding scheduled property protection to your homeowners policy if you own valuables such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Artwork or antiques
  • Firearms
  • Camera equipment
  • Fine silverware
  • Musical instruments
  • Collectibles (from wine to baseball cards)

To qualify for full coverage, you typically need to provide a recent receipt or appraisal documentation.  In return, you may enjoy benefits like reduced or no deductible and coverage for losses not usually covered by standard homeowners policies (like losing a ring down the sink).  Our experts can help you determine the appropriate limits and features to purchase for maximum protection.

Start protecting your heirlooms and collectibles for their true value.  Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency to set up a new scheduled property insurance policy today.