Mobile Home

Owners of mobile and manufactured homes enjoy the portability and ease of setup that come with non-traditional home construction.  They should also be aware of their non-traditional insurance needs, which is why O’Connor Insurance Agency offers to help you find the perfect mobile home insurance policy.

In Massachusetts and Connecticut, mobile home coverage offers many of the same features as standard homeowners insurance, but with an awareness of the lighter construction materials and other quirks of mobile and manufactured homes.  Policies typically include:

  • Dwelling coverage, for repairs if the structure is damaged in an accident
  • Personal property, to replace items destroyed in an accident or stolen in a burglary
  • Liability coverage, for injuries or damage incurred by guests or visitors
  • Additional living expenses, if you need to relocate during repairs after an accident

Custom features may be available, such as coverage for a garage, tool shed, or other structure; endorsements like storm debris removal and water damage; or trip collision insurance if you need to transport your home to a new location.  Also, discounts may be available if you bundle with your auto insurance policy or other insurance.

Our agents can help you navigate the options to come up with the most appropriate and affordable policy for your situation.  Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to get started with your new mobile home insurance coverage.