Auto Collision Coverage

If you are in an auto accident, of course your first concern is for the safety of your passengers and others involved. But what about any damage to your vehicle? That’s where having a good collision insurance policy from O’Connor Insurance Agency is crucial.

Massachusetts and Connecticut law only require you to purchase minimum liability coverage to handle injuries and damage to other parties’ property. If you are leasing or financing your car, though, your lender will likely require that you carry collision insurance, which handles damage to your own vehicle in an accident.

Even if your car is paid off, smart drivers make sure that they maintain adequate collision insurance coverage. The experts at O’Connor Insurance can help you determine your car’s value and pick the most appropriate deductible level and coverage for your vehicle.

In fact, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to pay a monthly premium for collision coverage for older or less valuable cars unless your lender requires it. On the other hand, if you have a collectors vehicle or classic car, it might be wise to look into additional specialty auto insurance. Again, the agents at O’Connor Insurance can help you decide what level of coverage works best for you.

Don’t leave your vehicle at risk of costly repairs in an accident. Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to determine the best auto collision coverage for your needs.