Towing Services & Coverage

Engine trouble during your morning commute? Hitting a nasty unseen pothole at night? Events like these are exactly the reason you want to be prepared with towing coverage from O’Connor Insurance Agency.

With just a simple add-on to your existing auto insurance policy, you can enjoy the security and convenience of comprehensive towing services. Sure, you can take your chances trying to find an available local towing company when you break down in Massachusetts or Connecticut. With towing services from O’Connor Insurance, though, you know exactly who to call, whether you’re stuck on the side of a busy highway or in your own driveway.

Most drivers include towing services as part of a broader roadside assistance package. That way, you’ve got nothing to fear, whether you have a dead battery, a flat tire, or some unknown engine issue. Also, depending on how far you typically drive, towing coverage is available for various distances, including up to a 100 mile towing radius. An agent at O’Connor Insurance can help you craft the best towing coverage policy for your driving needs.

Don’t spend another day driving without protection. Talk to O’Connor Insurance Agency today to set up your towing services coverage.