Specialty Auto Insurance

Whether you have a classic Mustang, a vintage VW Bug, or a custom built dragster, O’Connor Insurance Agency offers the perfect specialty auto insurance policy for your sweet ride.

You’ve likely poured your heart, soul, and a good amount of your savings into your collector car, so you want an auto insurance policy that reflects that. Unlike collision or comprehensive coverage, which only offer the standard book value for a vehicle, specialty auto insurance can be tailored to cover the true value of your classic car.

Most specialty auto insurance policies will allow an agreed value beyond the standard book value that considers everything you’ve put into your collector car. Our agents at O’Connor Insurance can also help customize the policy details for your unique antique car. Is it just a showpiece viewed in the garage or do you need coverage for regular Sunday drives in Massachusetts or Connecticut? Do you need to transport it to car shows or set up special roadside assistance? Our agents at O’Connor have seen it all, so let us know and we can steer you toward the best specialty auto coverage options.

Don’t leave your classic or collector car at risk. Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to set up your comprehensive specialty auto insurance policy.