Minor Violation Forgiveness

Car insurance companies have been raising premiums in recent years for drivers involved in minor traffic violations. But with minor violation forgiveness from O’Connor Insurance Agency, you don’t have to worry about one little mistake costing you a bundle.

Often paired with accident forgiveness, minor violation forgiveness protects you from an insurance premium increase in the event of a speeding ticket, roll through a stop sign, or other minor traffic mistake. Or, you could avoid the addition of points to your driving record if your insurer uses points to calculate rates.

As with accident forgiveness plans, minor violation forgiveness is not a free pass. Once you use the policy, you will need a certain number of years of a clean driving record to reinstate it. Also, coverage may start immediately or require a few years to kick in, so check with an O’Connor Insurance agent to familiarize yourself with the details of your coverage. (In fact, our agents will let you know if you have an exceptional driving record that may not make a minor violation forgiveness policy worth the extra cost.)

Most Massachusetts and Connecticut drivers make the occasional mistake. Don’t let that drive up your auto insurance costs, though. Call O’Connor Insurance Agency today to get the details on a minor violation forgiveness plan for your car insurance.