Medical Payments Coverage

So, you’ve purchased the minimum auto insurance required in Massachusetts or Connecticut, but is it enough to cover medical costs for you, your family, or your passengers after a car accident?  For maximum protection, O’Connor Insurance Agency suggests that you consider adding medical payments coverage to your policy.

As you may know, Massachusetts law requires all drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP) to cover injuries to you or anyone else in your vehicle.  (Connecticut doesn’t require PIP but many drivers opt to purchase it.) Unlike PIP, medical payments coverage does not help with lost wages or other non-medical expenses but does have other advantages.

Medical payments coverage (sometimes referred to as “med pay”) can help with excessive medical costs that exceed the limits for your health insurance.  For example, if your health insurance or PIP policy has a high deductible and low limits, med pay might be used to bridge that gap. Also, your medical payments policy may allow expenses not covered under your health insurance plan, such as chiropractors or ambulance transport.

The experts at O’Connor Insurance Agency can help you analyze your budget and risks to determine whether med pay or PIP or both would be appropriate for you and your passengers.  Call O’Connor today to start enjoying the security of medical payments coverage in your auto insurance policy.