Farm Dwelling Insurance

Unlike with most businesses, a farm’s owner often lives at their place of employment, creating a unique mix of personal and commercial insurance needs.  With farm dwelling insurance from O’Connor Insurance Agency, though, you can rest assured that your home on the farm has the best protection possible.

A farm owner’s home might host anything from farm employees stopping by at lunchtime to children heading off to school to the occasional wayward cow.  Accordingly, our farm dwelling coverage is designed to cover all these situations, so policies typically include:

  • Dwelling coverage – Pays for repairs for damage caused by a fire, storm damage, or other named peril.  In addition to your primary farm dwelling, this can also cover garages, sheds, rental properties and other adjacent structures.
  • Personal property – Provides for repair or replacement of furniture, clothing, tools, and other belongings in your farm dwellings if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen.
  • Personal liability – Protects you from legal action if someone is injured or suffers property damage while on your premises.
  • Loss of use coverage – Pays for hotel costs or temporary living expenses for you, your family, or your tenants if the dwellings are rendered uninhabitable

Note that flood protection usually requires separate flood insurance coverage in Massachusetts and Connecticut, so make sure you have that secured if your farm dwelling is in a flood prone agricultural area.

Make sure that your homestead is not exposed to risk.  Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to find out more more about setting up a farm dwelling insurance policy to protect your home and livelihood.