Farm Liability Insurance

A farm can present risks to visitors, often more than other types of businesses.  With farm equipment running, crops being harvested, and animals doing their thing, accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are.  That’s why farm liability insurance from O’Connor Insurance Agency is essential to protecting yourself from that exposure.

Every business should have liability insurance.  If a visitor is hurt on your property or as a result of your business operations, or if someone else’s property is damaged, you and your business could be subject to lawsuits to pay for those expenses.  Proper liability insurance protects you from these expenses, though, by covering legal fees, medical bills and other costs arising from an accident attributed to your business.

Our farm insurance specialists can help you craft a farm liability policy specific to your needs, depending on the size of your farm, whether you own or rent the land, whether you raise livestock or crops, and other variables.  Among other considerations, you should ask:

  • Do you sell products directly to the public?
  • Do you often have visitors on your property?
  • Do you operate farm vehicles on public roadways?
  • Do you transport and sell produce at a local farmer’s market?

It can seem overwhelming to consider all the liability scenarios on your Massachusetts or Connecticut farm.  Let our farm insurance experts reduce the complexity for you.  Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to find out more about setting up comprehensive farm liability insurance to protect your agribusiness.