Farm Umbrella Insurance

Farmers in Massachusetts and Connecticut are aware of the hazards in their line of work.  But a liability lawsuit brought by someone injured on your property can reach judgements in the millions of dollars.  With an umbrella farm insurance policy from O’Connor Insurance Agency, though, you can rest assured that you have the highest level of protection against financial ruin.

An umbrella insurance policy is a good way to protect yourself from lawsuits filed against you by someone who was injured or suffered property damage on your farm or as a result of your farm’s activities.  While most farmers have standard liability insurance as part of their farm owners insurance plan or even through their homeowners policy, these limits can be quickly exhausted in a liability suit.

An umbrella policy, meanwhile, can carry much higher limits, often up to several million dollars.  Also, since an umbrella policy does not go into effect until your standard liability policy limits are exhausted, its premium payments are often relatively inexpensive.

Although it may seem like a unlikely scenario, a liability lawsuit judgement against you can tap into not just your current assets but also your future earnings.  Don’t let such a catastrophic scenario threaten your farm and livelihood.  Contact O’Connor Insurance Agency today to find out more about setting up an affordable farm umbrella insurance policy for your local farm.