Farm Structures Insurance

Other than the agricultural land itself, farm structures are probably the biggest physical asset for Massachusetts and Connecticut farmers.  Barns, silos and other buildings are key to your operation and it can be catastrophic for your business if they are damaged or destroyed.  Luckily, a farm structures insurance policy from O’Connor Insurance Agency can help mitigate those risks.

Depending on whether you raise crops, livestock, or both, you probably rely on a variety of farm structures.  Common facilities requiring coverage include:

  • Barns, silos and granaries
  • Dairy parlors
  • Pens, chutes and corral fencing
  • Cold storage structures
  • Packing houses

In addition to the structures themselves, farm structure insurance can cover machinery and equipment involved with those structures’ activities, such as water pumps, motors and other fixtures.  An agent can help you determine appropriate limits and deductibles to properly cover your specific structures, including whether to purchase a blanket policy or to name individual structures on the policy.

Make sure that your business has the protection it needs in the event of fire, wind, weather or mechanical breakdown.  Contact O’Connor Insurance today to find out more about how a farm structures insurance policy can minimize risk for your agricultural business.