Uber Insurance

Working as a driver for Uber or other ridesharing services can be a way to earn a living and maintain a flexible schedule.  Using your own car and shuttling riders does entail unique risks, though, so be sure to protect yourself and your vehicle with an Uber insurance policy from O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc.

Uber does provide its drivers with some liability protection but there can be large gaps in this coverage.  Also, ridesharing is a relatively new industry, so your insurance benefits may be subject to change as regulations and the market evolve.  Having your own ridesharing insurance coverage means that you can be certain you have adequate protection no matter what.

Uber divides drivers’ working time (and insurance coverage) into three types of “Periods”, depending on whether you have a passenger, are on the way to pick one up, or waiting for your next customer.  Since Uber’s liability coverage can vary widely depending on whether you have a passenger in your car or not, drivers can face a confusing mixture of insurance risks.

Having your own Uber insurance policy cuts through the uncertainty to guarantee you are protected at all times.  Most policies include:

  • Liability coverage
  • Comprehensive and Collision coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage

Depending on your needs, you can set up your own fully comprehensive insurance policy or just a supplemental plan to fill in the gaps in Uber’s liability coverage.  Our agents can evaluate your situation (your experience as a driver, type of vehicle, how often you drive, etc.) and craft an affordable policy tailored to your needs.

Don’t leave yourself open to risk while working for a ridesharing company in Massachusetts or Connecticut.  Contact O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. today to find out more about how an Uber insurance policy can work for you.