Cargo Insurance and Freight Insurance

If your business involves shipping, you’re putting yourself out there.  Literally.

Whether you ship occasionally or often, domestic or international, you are ultimately responsible for your customers’ shipped cargo.  If physical damage, theft, or other serious mishaps can affect items shipped by your company, you need the protection of cargo and freight insurance from O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc.

While every shipping service provides some general carrier liability, this coverage is often inadequate and make it a hassle to file a claim.  For example, if your shipping service offers a flat payment for damaged items based on weight, this can be far less then the cargo’s actual value.  Also, such plans may require you to prove that the carrier was at fault in order to file a claim and receiving your reimbursement could take months.

With a comprehensive cargo and freight insurance policy, however, your shipped goods are covered for their actual value.  Meanwhile, filing a claim is much simpler, as you only need to submit a claim for damage or loss, regardless of who was at fault.  Finally, payments on claims are usually made much faster than those made under a carrier’s given liability policy.

To determine your rates for cargo and freight insurance, our insurance specialists can analyze your situation to create the best policy for you.  Among other factors, consider your shipping volume; the type of goods being shipped; whether you ship internationally or domestic; and the level of coverage desired.

Even if you only rely on merchandise shipped within Massachusetts and Connecticut, don’t leave yourself open to risk.  Contact O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. today to find out about setting up a cargo and freight insurance plan to protect your livelihood.