Business Catastrophe Insurance

Are you and your small business covered in the event of a natural disaster, an expensive lawsuit, or an unforeseen major mishap?  Can your company survive rebuilding costs and loss of income if you are forced to close for an extended period? In order to answer “yes” to these questions, consider the benefits of a business catastrophe insurance policy from O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc.

If you run a business in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you likely already have general liability coverage.  Nevertheless, certain low-probability, high-cost events can easily exhaust the limits of your standard business liability policy.  For example, a major fire, explosion, or superstorm can leave your facility and inventory in need of expensive repair and replacement – not to mention the lost income while you are rebuilding.  Similarly, an unusually large claim against you in a lawsuit can not only exceed normal business liability policy limits but also threaten your personal assets, such as your home equity or retirement accounts.

Much like an umbrella liability policy, business catastrophe insurance is designed to protect your business from the most extreme “what if” scenarios.  This makes it a last resort layer of protection, to be used only when your standard policy is maxed out. On the other hand, this allows us to offer a policy with an affordable premium for your budget.  Our specialists can review your assets and liabilities to craft a business catastrophe policy that best meets your specific needs and concerns.

Don’t leave your small business exposed to potential disaster.  Contact O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. today to find out how our affordable business catastrophe insurance can help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.